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Princess Bubblegum is watching everyone through the security cameras in her jail Tree Trunks: Looks like we got the whole place to ourselves.. When BMO is teaching Football how to use a salt shaker, Football shaking the salt shaker is rather suggestive. Pig for something that started with the letter D, the implication was divorce since Tree Trunks looks at her wedding ring , but Word of God states they'll never tell, though they like to think dog. By this point the censors are either being bribed to let things pass or are just incompetent. Fionna: Hey, is this your bedroom? Ed: Yeah, I guess, but she never does it in front of me. You mean your bride is into that?

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adventure time naked girl

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Lumpy Space Princess: I know you want this body Crystal Man 2: Oh, come on, I don't wanna hear that! This scene was obliterated pretty much everywhere else though. You'll get slimed or grinded on! Get Known if you don't have an account. Princess Bubblegum: That deer was after our sugar, but I didn't give him any Jake asks Finn, "What's that in your pants?

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