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Please make Elsa from frozen. Why do you have malware running on your site? Is it possible you could autograph the picture for me? Hmm I wouldnt know, theres an option though. Would love to commission a picture one day. I am THIS close to buying one of those limited edition Mikasa posters asses and leather straps, oh my! No, that one is not on my site.

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Cool, i was thinking of doing something like that, with the donation thing to work on my comics freely.

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Official Shadbase Steam Group.

You work closely with "Lyle" or Corey I belive his name was. You see I always delete Livestream links once I go offline so people dont think Im still streaming. I'm really surprised you haven't done a Splatterhouse pic. Apples have never looked so tasty ;-. FYI, it's the one with aliens vivisecting a loli. Princess Kenny is beautiful, she needs love, hehe. Really dig your art dude, you're definitely doing Jesus' work.

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