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Different types of mosaicism exist, such as gonadal mosaicism restricted to the gametes or somatic mosaicism. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. More recently, the use of a transgene incorporated into the Drosophila genome has made the system far more flexible. They often allow for the study of genes that are important for very early events in development, making easy otherwise difficult-to-obtain adult organisms in which later effects would be apparent. The earliest examples of this involved transplantation experiments technically creating chimeras where cells from a blastula stage embryo from one genetic background are aspirated out and injected into a blastula stage embryo of a different genetic background.

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Genetic Mosaics and Other Essays.

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As longevity has increased dramatically over the last century, human genome may not have had time to adapt to cumulative effects of mutagenesis. Genetic mosaics may often be confused with chimerism , in which two or more genotypes arise in one individual similarly to mosaicism. However, it also depends on the allelic status of the genes undergoing recombination. In , Alfred Sturtevant studied mosaicism in Drosophila. A phenotypic character called "twin spot" seen in Drosophila is a result of mitotic recombination.

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