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Natalie Krill and Erika Linder naked as they grind against each other as Natalie sits in Erika's lap. Below Her Mouth Natalie Krill Natalie Krill naked in a bath tub as she slides forward while the water is pouring out of the spout. Natalie Krill lying in a bath tub with Erika Linder, leaning against her as the girls begin to kiss. Erika Linder standing over Natalie Krill on a bed as she disrobes entirely, showing full-frontal nudity. She then rolls onto her back and we get a topless view, followed by a look at her butt when she gets out of bed and stands up, loosely holding the sheet in front of her. Erika then lays back and reaches up to squeeze Natalie's breast and the girls continue to press against each other until they both reach orgasm at the same time.

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Below Her Mouth Natalie Krill Natalie Krill and Erika Linder lying naked in bed together as Erika wakes up first and then begins to make out with Natalie, turning Natalie onto her side and beginning to finger her from behind.

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She gets close enough to let it hit between her legs, lifting herself up over the edge of the tub and breathing heavily as she writhes in pleasure and moans as she reaches orgasm before sinking back into the water. Erika then pulls her pants down to expose a strap-on dildo, and Natalie lifts one leg as Erika approaches and has sex with her against the door of the refrigerator. The guy then picks her up and prepares to have sex with her, but she begins crying and he moves away. Erika then lays down between Natalie's legs and the girls grind against each other as they have lesbian sex. The girls then head inside and Natalie reclines on a table with her dress hiked up to her waist, showing bush as Erika fingers her and then goes down on her.

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