Unshaved vaginas

unshaved vaginas
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And, lo and behold, in a recent Reddit thread , men revealed what their true feelings are when it comes to women who forfeit their razors. That just doesn't make any sense to me. She can put down the razor if she wants to. If she doesn't, it doesn't bother me. There is almost no way that it would worth it, right? This hairless fad can't die soon enough for me.

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Ansley. Age: 21.
unshaved vaginas

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Josie. Age: 29.
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11 Men Reveal What They *Really* Think About Women Not Shaving

I would hate to think that anyone and I know that some do would feel the need to go through so much trouble, discomfort, pain so often for so little of a pay off. It's unusual but not necessarily in a bad way. The biggest arousal killer in bed is when she's insecure about her looks. I sort of like the different looks a woman can rock down there. She can put down the razor if she wants to.

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