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how big is lex steele
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I went to a peepshow once in New York City, when I was about 15, and the woman on the other side of the glass told me to take down my pants. We went to a house where I used to babysit, nobody was home, and I had a key to the front door. Because of my length, I can push my penis through a woman's cervix and right into her uterus. In truth, the only time I thought about it was if I had to pee or have sex. I went on to utilize vitamins and herbal mixtures in order to enhance long-lasting erections. She said it would be a good idea for me to call her.

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Wendy. Age: 27.
how big is lex steele

It was the first time I witnessed the wow factor.

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Penny. Age: 28.
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Lexington Steele

Capitalizing on my penis, I modeled in sex magazines and shot a few videos. The first time I measured it, I was 10 years old and it was only 6in. He got killed or castrated. Girls realized that going any further would be going all the way and they were having none of it. I remember one girl being surprised by my size and repulsed by the pain she might endure if we went beyond a hand job. He has a shaved head and a meticulously groomed beard. When word got out that I had a large penis, people joked that I really was a "big, swinging dick.

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