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This is an unacceptable view of women. For the rest of us, it will be all too easy to empathize. There were three pretty explicit sex scenes that were cliche. I'm really surprised this was published in the first place because it needs a good content editor. Try on some Jennifer Weiner. The only difference was the fact that the heroine in this story lost her husband to cancer. One of the sweetest moments comes courtesy of Holly's longtime friend, Tina, when she sees something in Logan that Holly, and the reader, hadn't fully realized before.

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But here they serve as friends and catalysts for change.

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But Logan too, needs to put his big boy shorts on and grow up. One or two sentences could have done it. I almost gave up on this novel 3 times but I wanted to see if she could redeem it in the end. Filled with humor, a little kink and a lot of personal growth, Big Girl Panties is an oddity in today's contemporary romance genre. My heart ached, my heart soared, I laughed and I cried… I truly enjoyed this story! But to get there, we have to endure Stephanie Evanovich's clear confusion about what book she's trying to write.

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