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However, Nanael manages to escape by finding a hole in the wall. Tomoe tells Elina she has formed a bond with Leina, since they shared food and shelter on their journey, which Elina misinterprets, thinking that Tomoe has slept with Reina. Melona and Aldra fight, with Melona managing to dump what remains of the sacred milk on Aldra, weakening her, but Aldra manages to drive Melona off anyway. Tomoe rejects that, replying that one needs to be heartless to be strong. Aldra is about to turn him to stone too when Airi rescues him and they escape. Cattleya is winning when she sees that Owen is frozen inside one of the stones in Aldra's "Palace of Grief" and breaks down crying, conceding defeat. Nanael informs them all she is returning to Heaven, and Tomoe apologizes to Leina for underestimating her.

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Echidna is there as well, and confronts the rogue assassin Irma.

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Tomoe says that, for Shizuka's sake, she has become a demon who will win at any cost. Claudette warns Leina that Risty has changed. In Heaven, Nanael is summoned by the Head Angel, who plans to exile her to Hades as she has forced people to fight each other. Tomoe arrives to save her but must fight her instead. However, a weakening curse is placed on Tomoe by the Swamp Witch, and the boat is attacked and destroyed by Kouma Ninja trying to abduct Aldra. She is then saddened by the loss of her friends, and declares she will avenge them and win the Queen's Blade tournament for them. As Claudette is teleported back to Gynos, she reconciles with the Count, who then withdraws his army.

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