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Buttercup scoffed and floated towards the man. The boy gasped for breath and whimpered. She floated right up to the red skinned man, confusion in her eyes. Felt the roots wrap around his dead body. This boy, this demon , has defied the lord! He has committed sin and sodomy!

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Lainey. Age: 26.
him powerpuff gif

He was being dragged along the ground, away from his crying family.

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Dana. Age: 32.
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DIY Powerpuff Girls Fuzzy Lumpkins and HIM Couples Costume

He could feel himself slipping away. I want to cosplay as Him from Powerpuff Girls one day. Villainous my favorite screencaps. Evil citizens, but citizens nonetheless. Mettaton reminds me of Him from Powerpuff Girls. PowerPuff Girls him powerpuff girls gif take me.

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