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David interviews for a new job at a law firm. Christine and David go out for drinks and they later end up at his apartment he reveals he's having marital problems. Christine meets with Jacqueline to talk about Avery, and Jacqueline warns her that Avery is an erratic and unreliable person. Anna reveals to Erica that she is three weeks pregnant with a client's child and she wants her and Erica to be a family. Retrieved November 21, Novak and his associate hire private investigators to dig up information on Erica and Anna. Erica pursues a romantic relationship with Anna and asks her to accompany her to New York for a business trip.

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Christine and David continue their affair.

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Erica pays Anna to continue to record phone conversations that her client, Mark Novak is having, hoping to use them to discredit him. Christine attends an office party at David's house. Christine, now in the upper echelon of the high-end escort business, perfects her look by getting waxed, chemical peels and her hair done. Erica learns from the media that the Democratic politicians were alleging that the donation was a payoff to stop a criminal investigation. Olsen takes Bria to her ex-husband's arraignment. Bria meets with her first new client, Paul, but he wants to take things slow and they don't have sex in their first meeting.

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