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The groundwork had been well and truly laid, last Friday at the Office Christmas Party, ready for today - Tuesday. Just one week since I had been photographed lying in the arms of my bull by my adoring husband, Mark said to me "So you're going to get your hair done tomorrow morning..? What woman doesn't go for a rampaging Viking? Please give lots of feedback on the wife she wants to hear it all especially the nasty. I asked her what her husband is in adequate. So I thought that after a few days of everyone being able to read my wife's account of her bull's visit to us last Saturday, I'd give a brief insight on how the date went from my own perspective. First thing he saw was his naked wife sitting on the lap of an equally naked black man.

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I shall post hem in due course here are some photos of the wife and her cuck.

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I did notice that it took her a few weeks longer to make final arrangemen. I asked her what her husband is in adequate. She had waited months for this day to come; hours of preparations and hard work, dozens of mock interviews with her loving and supportive husband John. Simple porn is a start something as simple as watching Wonder Lust on the iplayer. He told her that makeup made her look like a whore and would. Lots of people have been asking me about this in the chatroom, so I've taken the time to sit down and write about it

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