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But people are becoming more open to admitting their sexual fluidity. Click Here to find out more. B, a year-old man who identifies as straight, really likes looking at dicks. Savin-Williams had subjects watch porn of women masturbating and of men masturbating, measuring attraction based on the subjects' dilated pupils. At the end of the day, someone's sexual identity is nobody's business but their own. Where else is there for someone to anonymously seek out fulfilling sexual experiences without meeting in person than in niche internet communities?

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Meadow. Age: 27.
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While they settled down on the other man's couch after a few drinks, B grappled with his own sexuality, wondering if he was gay despite his relationships with women.

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Marjorie. Age: 22.
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He doubts that the men he profiled are closeted or in denial about their attractions, and he emphasizes the spectrum of sexuality. That lasted for 10 or 12 minutes, we both orgasmed, I got dressed, said 'thanks' and left. But coming to terms with those desires can be a struggle. During the call with Mashable, he said he and his husband were mindblown that sexual fluidity is so much more "ho hum" now — he credits pop culture for normalizing it through ads, entertainment, and celebrity relationships. He feels like "everyone fantasizes a little bit" when they're engaging in any sort of sexual activity, but he has more license to when he's masturbating with another man than when he's having sex with female partners because he isn't focused on the other person's orgasm. Then, the other man reached over and began stroking B.

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