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She tried to run, but they grabbed her and kicked her back, stomach and chest. When she screamed, they put a gun in her mouth. K, 25 years old K and her family were settling down to breakfast one morning in late August when they heard the screams of other villagers outside. They were interviewed separately, come from a variety of villages in Myanmar and now live spread across several refugee camps in Bangladesh. Here are the accounts as told by 21 women and girls. S ran back to her house, grabbed her baby and ran. Last year, she says, soldiers stabbed her father to death.

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Erica. Age: 20.
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One of the men came over to M, stripped her clothes off and took her earrings.

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He choked her and punched her in the face and chest, and bit her eyebrow. Two soldiers came into her house. The men eventually released her and she stumbled back to her house. She could hear her son crying. One pressed his boot against her chest, pinning her down. Her husband screamed, and H ran out of the house.

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