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teen titans raven and terra
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Cyborg and Starfire reject her suspicions and just say she's jealous, which annoys Raven. Cyborg was throwing things down a trash hole on Valentine's Day and asked why the portal is always screaming. Raven then captures Terra and confronts Cyborg and Starfire again, but now with proof. Beast Boy flirtatiously nudges Raven placing his arm around her neck , playfully joking that they should be each others' Valentine. Later on the shore, Aqualad is painting a portrait while Terra poses. After complimenting each other for what they achieved, Beast Boy and Raven start to get drawn towards each other and share a kiss. In the hallway, Beast Boy tells Raven that he wants to throw away some old rope, and asks her to open the trash hole.

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Robin battled Terra, trying to convince her to turn good again, but lost.

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Teen Titans: The Judas Contract is Terra-rific!

Then Starfire asks how they met and all the Titans seem happy and crying in joy except Raven who has her suspicions because Beast Boy's story seemed to reveal that Terra is more interested in the Titans' secrets than Beast Boy. Sign In Don't have an account? Later, the Titans are seen driving to the restaurant in the T-Car. After the Titans have been defeated by Terra, they are somewhere underground. However, Raven then pauses and states the kiss was nice, which Beast Boy is happy to hear. Aqualad then tells Raven that he was crushed when she first rejected him, but seeing her alone today he's glad they didn't end up together. As the team descends down the trail, Terra attempts to make amends for the rock argument earlier, but Raven is still cold to her brushes off her apology.

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