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The speedrunning community needs its own thread. Reactions: Doctor Druid and Super Collie. I don't know about Speedrunning I never get so good at a game I bea it super fast but I do love challenges. Why do all these cows feel the need to post their nudes on the Internet? If you're browsing his twitter, take a drink every time he retweets a female streamer's picture or tweets at a girl and gets no response. You must log in or register to reply here.

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Off topic and spergy as fuck, but they had that same dude come back for this year's AGDQ. Does that mean she has more autism? Tags cringe scammer speedrunner twitter youtube. First Prev 5 of 45 Go to page. It's like cheating at checkers. Reactions: keksz and Jerkop In Training. Yeah, so that Chibi guy is a sperg amirite u guise.

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