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A while back, I asked a man I was having sex with if we could switch positions. Once you've expressed discomfort and disinterest in continuing, then it's time to stop, and your partner should comply with that. However, instead of stopping when she expressed her discomfort, he continued having sex with her until he had finished. Don't let anyone try to tell you differently. If a man or a woman shows disinterest in, or discomfort with, finishing a sexual activity, but their partner ignores their uneasiness so they can finish, that qualifies as rape, regardless of what some asshole on the Internet thinks. Take the time to learn about affirmative consent instead.

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Sydney. Age: 30.
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If one of those ways hurts you, you should never be forced to continue with it until your partner's finished with you.

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Jaida. Age: 20.
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Technically, though, what I experienced was rape, because my sexual partner continued in an activity after I'd expressly asked him not to. But unless a person gives clear, express consent to sexual activity, they are not a consenting sexual partner. Not being capable of saying "no" is not the same thing as saying "yes. And if you've told your partner you don't want to do something even if it's something you normally enjoy doing in bed , and then they do it anyway , that can be rape. This isn't just an issue with trolls, however.

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