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If you love anyone, you can understand that sentiment. Kevin lied, he says, because he thought if he erased it all it would give them another chance to be together. The Leftovers was always about those left behind and how they moved forward with their lives. While opening the episode, the moment inside the orb was also the last thing Coon filmed for the series. In fact, the only questions Lindelof felt like he and the writers had to answer were: Can these people find a way to feel better? Just as Nora takes her final breath before the liquid fills the orb, the show briefly cuts to black. Do not read if you have not watched or do not want to be spoiled.

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carrie coon full frontal

If you love anyone, you can understand that sentiment.

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EXCLUSIVE: Justin Theroux and Carrie Coon Break Down the Final Moments of 'The Leftovers'

I had to think of it as a play I was in with Justin. While sitting across from Kevin at the kitchen table, she reveals her journey to the other side, where the departed were living. There she eventually made her way back to Mapleton to find her kids, now teenagers, and husband, who is with a new woman. Neither of them walked away from The Leftovers yearning to know more about the show. After seeing Nora biking through town, he felt compelled to say hello, offering a revision of the past three seasons: Instead of getting together in Mapleton and everything that followed, Kevin implies none of it ever happened. After saying her final goodbye to her brother Matt played beautifully by Christopher Eccleston , a naked Nora walks down the corridor of the machine and sits down in the orb, ready for whatever comes next. For Theroux, his final scene on set happened to be the moment Kevin and Nora are in the bathtub as they discuss what they want to happen to them after they die.

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