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Only problem with that is, the fans may cheer where as she was booed before. She was never able to capture WCW gold. He was given a bodybuilding female as part of his "stable. She appeared in the ring against Chyna and has warred with Velvet Sky. When the management was trying to decide what to do with Ric Flair and his contract, they played out an angle where "The Nature Boy" was in an insane asylum.

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She was a two-time Intercontinental Champion and was a better in-ring performer than most male wrestlers.

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WWE Divas: Beth Phoenix and Some of the Baddest Amazons in Pro Wrestling

She worked an angle with Awesome Kong as a tag partner as well. Melina 's dark features and long mane of dark hair draws you in and allows you to notice her other devilish assets. Either way, professional wrestling has had some interesting women come through its promotions over the years. If she comes back to WWE as Karma, look for her to pick up right where she left off. Her outrageous look and her wicked paint made her a feared woman in wrestling ranks.

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